Now Workplace – The Digital Workplace for IntelliEnterprise
Now Workplace for IntelliEnterprise

Intranet, meet the Digital Workplace!

With the all-new and cutting-edge Now Workplace Add-on you will get an innovative set of tools that thinks ahead, lets employees interact with data in a human way and can play with data from on-premise and the cloud.

3 notes about innovation

  1. True innovation often feels completely natural so we ask ourselves 'How have we ever lived without this?'.

  2. That's what we had in mind when we created a card-based UI that presents all information to you in easily comprehensible bites that offer you a one glance overview over your work.

  3. Further we have created a virtual assistant that you can talk to like it was a colleague to search your data and take action. It uses Natural Language Processing, voice recognition and feedback — all pretty amazing stuff.

The right information at just the right time.

It’s your new central starting point for your workday. When you wake up in the morning, it presents you cards holding all of the latest updates and changes that happened overnight. Then on your way to work you can get a head-start on meetings, see what tasks are becoming due and what needs your attention when you get in. During the day it periodically checks in with updates on your assignments, suggests work and alerts you if something important needs to be addressed right away.

Now Cards Now Cards

It's like Google Now, but for enterprises.

By creating your own notifications you can tailor Now Cards to show notifications as updates happen on your favorite services. That gives you ultimate control of what types of events you want to stay in the loop about. Now Cards keeps an eye out on all your most important data, so you don’t have to. Companies can also pre-configure notifications for certain user groups, for example so every sales employee will automatically receive updates on their leads.

Now Cards

The only search you’ll ever need.

Many systems offer a search, but none offer a search so huge that it literally covers every corner of your organization. Now Search integrates any and all on-prem or cloud APIs, databases and enterprise software.

It eliminates the tedious task of scouring multiple sources for a piece of information – just type any request into the search bar and it will automatically do the heavy lifting and within a split-second present you all results, grouped by source.

Digital Workplace Enterprise Wide Search

A personal assistant that understands what you want.

A natural language processor can differentiate between a task and the source in which it shall be carried out. For example if you search for “Weather New York,” just like a human, the Assistant will understand that you only need weather-related information. Similarly prompting for “Employee Helen Hudson” would restrict the search to only within the Employee phonebook, not the entire system. Together with the built-in Voice Recognition this creates an experience so effortless that you never thought was possible to achieve in any enterprise application.

Digital Workplace Natural Language Processing

Get NOW now.

Now Workplace runs with Mobility Portal, an easy to install service that taps into all your existing servers, APIs, databases and cloud services to bring you an all-encompassing solution without any code. Check out how to get set up today.

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