The Intranet Portal for a Digital Workplace—with 100+ features in one solution.

With the most features for your money IntelliEnterprise excels at content, has great people skills, and can do search, applications and process automation blindfolded.

(All features included in all license tiers.)

  • Update today: Release 14

    The latest version rolls in an all-new design, mobile friendly HTML content, a Mobile App Builder & over a dozen new features and improvements.

    Learn more
  • Responsive-design HTML websites

    We have introduced a new HTML editor that creates rich, responsive-design content with drag-and-drop, made for a mobile Intranet.

    Responsive Design HTML Editor
  • Best-practice Intranet Solutions

    Leverage our free best-practice Intranet templates and customize them freely with our innovative drag-and-drop Modeler.

    Intranet Modeler
  • Social Intranet

    Organizations have offices – and people. So people skills are a pretty big deal for any successful company Intranet.

    People Features

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